It all began with a naughty lad from Leith who used to get himself into trouble in the streets of Edinburgh, fueled by whisky. An English rose whipped him into shape, and as the apples don’t fall far from the tree, the next generation of Scottish hooligans came by their love of whisky and gins naturally. Mixing their love of Bali and passion for the finer spirits and drams, as well as fine unconventional bars, The Howff was born through a labour of Scottish love.
Tucked away under The Deck café & bar from the Island bustle is an authentic Scottish experience. For a wee dram or a gin globe of the nest calibre, this unique dungeon bar on the rocks over the sea is the first in its class on Nusa Lembongan. Whet your tastebuds with a plethora of single malts, as well as a unique gin menu of underground, speakeasy finds. Unique pairings served with class by a touch of Scottish-Balinese character, The Howff is the “secret meeting place” where the old school British West meets in the South East.

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